welcome to soccer historySoccer History Magazine is a journal devoted to the history of the world’s greatest game. A typical issue has 56 pages, containing 6 articles, plus book listings and reviews and obituaries.

The magazine is available by subscription by post for printed issues throughout the World, you can also download digital PDF versions, order back issues using the subscription form and view an example articles PDF for free.

We seek to promote research into all areas of the history of the game. We are just as interested in the story of important matches and individuals as in the social, cultural and economic aspects of soccer.

The content focuses on the professional game in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, although we also feature articles on amateur football and on the history of the game in other countries. The articles are mostly based on new and original research, and cover a full chronological range from the 1860s, when soccer was first codified, through to the 1980s.

Soccer History first appeared in 2002 and since then it has earned a reputation for quality writing and ground-breaking research.